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Listening to Agatha Christies ”The Man in the Brown Suit” 

I must say this feels odd. I’m trying to go thru Christies works in publishing order. This feels more like debut book rather than one to follow « Secret Adversary» and «Murder on the Links». This has such naïve and forced piecs of plot. The protagonist Anne Beddingfeld feels like a Mary Sue. I would love to root for this young adventurer, but she’s just not the great Hercules Poirot…

I realise this should not be a topic of complaint due to the very nature of them... But my butt plugs smell like ass.

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You put your butt plug in
You pull your butt plug out
You put your butt plug in
And shake it all about

Theory: page’s Meta Description summarises the main information on the page.

Practise: ”this page definetly absolutely holds the answer to your question! Go ahead, open it! You were looking for synonyms for ’clickbait’, well we have them right here! Probably like 20! Just click the fucking link so we can put some cookies in your browser”

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prettyhuman buustasi

what's a pirate's favorite chat protocol? 

aye! arr! sea!

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The icelandic word for capitalism can be translated as wealth-violence.

Gun violence 

US has like 10 mass murders weekly, then there’s ONE event in Japan or Norway for the first time in years, so US gun lunatics are like ”well, SEE? Banning guns does NOTHING…”

The saddest thing is I honestly don’t know if they are just incredibly dishonest, or actually too stupid to understand things like statistics, sample size, frequency and probability. Probably a bit of both. Like do they know it’s bullshit, and need to be paid to say that shit, or do they just do it for free?

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Watching Disney’s . Did the writers know Leia’s character was just a little kid? I’m not saying young kids can’t sometimes be a bit precocious and premature, but it’s just that her character sometimes just has these incredibly deep and profound thoughts… And she’s 10 years old or something.

I can imagine how the script is worked and reworked with an army of writers and review processes, and they just focus too much on perfecting it and loose sight.

Yesterday at work we were discussing a reusable management tool for parsing and normalising car accessories data from a text string. Perhaps we could do an API service where one could send a text string to and as a response get a JSON object of recognised accessories. You know, accessories as a service, or AaaS. So you could just shove your unorganised data up the AaaS, and get a data dump in return.

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extremely cursed lewd 

I can't get over the yesterday's finnish tabloid headline over Nato agreement with a citation from president Niinistö: ”Erdogan pehmeni vessatauolla”, or ”Erdogan softened during a toilet break”.

Because I only see the lewd reading where Niinistö and Erdogan are standing in the urinals and Niinistö is making some observations of Erdogan's waning erection.

And now I got the idea of writing Niinistö/Erdogan slashfic.

My mind is smutty beyond salvation.

If my book ever gets published, and if it isn't blatantly obvious to readers, I'd like to confirm that yes, the sexworker character Liven Shute is indeed named as an homage to Nevil Shute, because "On the Beach" is certainly a source of inspiration to what I'm writing. Nothing to do with this particular part or character, just casually slipping it in there... 😅

Nevil Shute’s ”On the Beach”. 

Such a touching story. Waiting for an impending doom. Watching the human society crumble, die, fade away. Caused by nuclear war that happened because of a mistake but couldn’t be stopped, since leadership and chain if command had collapsed. Such futile end. In a way this is relatable. As the actual world is on fire, I can certainly relate to the characters who are only waiting, knowing they will die of radiation poisoning in six months.

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Hello, one person who sees this. Some might think ”why go to Mastodon from Twitter, there’s nobody there?” My love, I had nobody interacting with my shit on Twitter as well. I see no difference. This is fine. 😂

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War in Ukraine, counting days 

Hundred and twenty five

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